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Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk 3.5.0 New Update

Extreme Landings Pro Latest Mod Apk

Download Extreme Landings Pro Latest Apk Mod 3.5.0 New Update Is new game can you guys play this time with offline mode where you must be parked the aircraft in an emergency.
It is the latest simulation games sport that will teach the way we fly planes in flight at an airport in this game we will be in the system with the operator Wizard will give you info and referrals we next latest version of android gaming more attractive this time with some new features also a level more challenging this time for the PAL who still do not have a new game this time please download here the latest version with the addition of a new mod in it.

Extreme Landings Pro is a realistic 3D simulated flight game that flies around the world and takes off and land successfully in the toughest conditions to become a true pilot. Since it is a simulated flight game, the screen naturally try to simulate the real world, realistic style is also very in place, the game settings have a number of different visual angles, it is recommended to adjust the children's shoes to the cab perspective, in this perspective, all kinds of instruments Can get a panoramic view, a strong sense of substitution. In the case of The operation of the game is basically the same as that of other simulated flight games. By tilting the aircraft to control the movement of the aircraft, all kinds of instruments and buttons are presented on the screen through virtual buttons, and the player only needs to click to complete the relevant operation. When not needed , The virtual button will blur, this user-friendly design reduces the unnecessary icons on the game screen to block the game screen.

The game has done the ultimate in sound, in the take-off mission, with the aircraft engine open, you can hear the roar of the engine, the faster, the greater the sound. When the plane is in an accident, you can hear the tower and pilot communication, but also with a weak current tone.

The most important thing about simulation flight games is analogue & playability. "Extreme Landings Pro" is perfect for both games. The quality is also very good in similar games. If you are loyal to simulating a flying game Fans or simply amateur, this is worth starting a play!

Extreme Landings Pro Apk 
Extreme Landings Pro Apk 

Extreme Landings Pro Apk


Game Information :

  • Name : Extrime Landings Pro apk
  • Size : 18 MB || 361 MB
  • Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up
  • Current Version :3.5.0
  • Updated : 19 Desember 2017
  • Info : Google Play

Features Game :

  • 36 missions
  • 216 challenges 6 of which in global competitions
  • 20 HD airports
  • Fast landing mode with global competition and 5 fault levels.
  • Instrument Landing System, ILS
  • Speed autopilot, Route, Altitude and Vertical speed – Primary Flight Display
  • Navigation Display
  • Weather Radar for managing Microburst, Ice and wind
  • Advanced engine system with ignition, faults and fire safety
  • Fuel management with weight balancing, Jettison and real consumption
  • Landing gears management with manual unlocking system
  • Full control of the rudder, flaps, reversers and spoilers
  • APU management
  • Worldwide navigation with 548 airports and 1107 usable runways, real or customizable weather conditions
  • Cartography with over 8000 waypoints (VOR, NDB, TACAN, DME, GPS, FIX)
  • Automatic Flight Planning Configuration
  • Cinema replay system
  • 3D virtual cockpit with integrated instrumentation
  • SRTM30 Plus real terrestrial elevation
  • MODIS VCF real coastline
  • OpenWeatherMap real-time weather conditions
Download File:
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