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Download MP3 Converter 5.2.6 For Youtube Music

Download MP3 Converter For Youtube Music

Download MP3 Converter 5.2.6 For Youtube Music It is the latest music applications that will assist you in updating the converter all kinds of songs that have supported Mp3, Flac, WMA, Ogg, AAC, AC3, Ape, Wav, aiff MP3 Converter is the application 5.2.6 For Youtube music.

MP3 Converter is fully capable to perform output format with a customized frequency bitrate channel to use the highest quality converti please you purchased the application in google's play to the latest version of the current admin provides a free version.

To add the music choice channels please visit Youtube Music there you can find some new songs also references a collection until 2017 for the PAL who still have some stock MP3s in your sdcard, please you do Converter to get the results you want if you guys are still confused please learn some new features of MP3 Converter more info visit gionogames MP3 Converter For Youtube Musik.

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Download MP3 Converter For Youtube MusicDownload MP3 Converter For Youtube Music
Download MP3 Converter For Youtube Music

This application is supported conversions:

  • Mengkonversi WMA ke Mp3, Wma ke Aac 
  • Mengkonversi Mp3 untuk Aac, Mp3 ke Wma 
  • Mengkonversi AAC untuk Mp3, AAC ke Wma 
  • Mengkonversi Flac ke Mp3, Flac ke Aac

New In V3.1:

  • VBR conversion
  • Metadata editor
  • Create and save presets. Save your conversion settings
  • Option to change mp3 volume
  • Fix Directory selection when extrenal Sdcard exists
  • Compatibility Android Nougat
  • Major Update
  • New User interface (hope you will like it)
  • Support for unicode filenames
  • Background conversion with notification
  • Output folder selection
  • File renamer
  • Batch mode for premium version

Latest MP3 Converter Features:

  • Configuring fully customized with a frequency output format, bitrate, channel, start time and duration (for selection section) (InApp purchase to open the highest quality setting)
  • Create and Save Your presets
  • Easy to use and fast conversion
  • Background Conversion
  • Change the volume of mp3. Increase or decrease the audio volume
  • Metadata Editor. MP3 tag editing
  • Batch mode is available in the premium version (InApp purchase). Batch allows to choose a directory and automatically convert all the files contained in that folder.

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